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Heads up to all Atlanta tourists... The Westin Buckhead (3391 Peachtree Rd NE Atlanta, Ga), adjacent to Lenox mall, employs convicted felons!

One such felon, who works in the Banquet department, has been convicted of credit card theft, credit card fraud & firearm possession! As a consumer, I find it disturbing that a brand such as Starwood Hotels would allow these type of individuals to represent their establishments. I wonder what type of background checks, if any, are being conducted!

In this economy, there are probably thousands of well qualified, honest & hospitable people that would make great employees! Starwood/Westin is not some *** brand of hotel that shouldn't be able to hold their employees to a higher standard.

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Sarasota, Florida, United States #1332814

Wow, my jaw hit the floor when I saw your review. Just because someone is a felon does not make them a bad person.

People do change! "These type of people", as you put it, usually make the best employees because they have more to prove. I have found them to be the most dedicated, reliable and hardworking employees I've had.

I suggest you venture out of your sheltered, small minded self and get to know 1 or 2 before you pass judgement. Just saying


This thread is old, but I am a convicted felon, and I work for Starwood. I have the highest loyality to the brand for giving me the opportunity to work legally and support my family.

I treat guests as guests, not as customers, not as potential victims, and not as anything other than whom they are. The people that help thousands make an honest living.


With all due respect, convicted felons need jobs otherwise they will likely fall back into a life of criminality. How in the world do you expect people to make positive changes in their lives, if employers do not give people chances?

Furthermore, you do not know the circumstance surrounding the situation. This person obviously made a mistake, true enough, but we do not know the facts. They made a mistake, paid their debt to society, and is now working a legitimate job. THANK GOD for Starwood, and other employers who are willing to offer opportunities to those with records.

Without legitimate opportunity what do you expect convicted felons to do? Starve? Commit more crimes?

I pray that you never do anything in your life that calls for forgiveness. "In this economy...." would you rather have ex-offenders working, or on the street stealing?


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